Time to Think about Dehydration

There are numerous things that cause dehydration. People often rack their brains when they get a headache, but this can be one of the signs of a lack of intake of fluids. Also, aside from a person not drinking enough fluids, the fluids should be caffeine free to count as a full serving of liquids.

Also, too much time in the sun can cause dehydration. It can be fun to play and sweat in the sun all day drinking only beer, but alcohol is not hydrating enough to keep a person fueled. People should be drinking water and juice on sunny days as well, especially when exerting energy.

Finally, exercise can cause dehydration due to losing water to sweat. If this water is not replaced, fatigue can set in. They say that by the time people actually feel thirsty, they are already dehydrated.

These are excellent pointers to keep in mind when it comes to dehydration. While it is not rocket science, not thinking enough about beverages can actually seriously impact one’s health.